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I’m a recording studio owner, engineer and producer,

helping others bring their own music and audio to life.

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Orpheus Studio in East London is my own recording studio, available for hire.

For some clients, I’m just the ‘studio guy’ pressing the buttons, for others i’m a full collaborator,

producer and session musician.


For more information, visit the official site at:


Below are some examples of my productions with various clients at Orpheus Studio.


Red Valley is a sci-fi audio drama podcast recorded, sound designed, and produced by Orpheus Studio


Hypersleep. Stasis. Cryonic preservation. We’ve all enjoyed the benefits of suspended animation - it allows our favourite characters to travel the galaxy or be thrown into the distant future, all in peaceful, harmless hibernation. No one asks how it works, or where it came from. 

Red Valley is an audio drama about the creators of Hypersleep, and the bloody mess they left behind.

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I've had some of my best and most creative studio moments with Richard. As an engineer, producer, arranger, co-writer and session musician, this man is frighteningly talented. In a more down to earth practical sense, Richard has everything you need to achieve the best outcome; finished music you are proud to play to others. Patient, musically sensitive, technologically adroit, efficient, a gifted and versatile musician, he can really help bring your musical ideas alive. If you get a chance to work with him - take it!


STEWART LANE (Orpheus Studio client)

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