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I write and release my own music, as a solo artist

and in collaboration with other musicians, singers and co-writers.

Below are a few of my various projects:

BellyoftheSteelBeast Logo White.png

Songs written with my wife and co-writer Carol Pestridge.


My first two solo projects were both concept albums, firstly the story of Orpheus, and then Frankenstein.
Both albums, along with the live recording of our 2014 staged version of Frankenstein: The Metal Opera,

are available to stream and buy below, as well as on most other platforms:

The original album version of Frankenstein is available to purchase on CD:

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In 2014, Orpheus Studio Productions staged a live version of Frankenstein: The Metal Opera.
As well as the live album (above), the video of the show is also available to buy from Vimeo OTT.
Below is a trailer and purchase link:


My YouTube channel features some over the top rock medleys of Christmas carols, which have proved very popular, and even been used by people across the world in charity fundraising Christmas light displays, as well as appearing in the Rock Band Network video game.

A Christmas Rock Medley
Another Christmas Rock Medley
A Final Christmas Rock Medley

Theme-laden arrangements - freighted with crunching Petrucci-esque phrases, light strings and bold piano - make for a transportive, engaging listen.


GRANT MOON, PROG MAGAZINE (Reviewing Frankenstein)

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